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Tropical Rainforest Costa Rica   -  Bosque lluvioso de Costa Rica

10.5” X 34.8” (26.7cm X 88.40cm)


A representation of Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean lowland tropical rainforests

by artist Alina Suarez


U.S. Retail: $8.00


Frutas tropicales de Costa Rica

(Tropical Fruits of Costa Rica)


22.2” X 33.4”

56.39cm X 84.84cm


Costa Rica is home to an extraordinary variety of  tropical fruits.  This poster includes 38 exotic and native species, with English, Spanish, and scientific names listed.


U.S. Retail: $15.00



Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica

A Pocket Guide in English and Spanish


By Federico Muñoz Chacon and Richard Dennis Johnston


Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica is the perfect introductory guide to the diverse herpetofauna of Costa Rica: 418 species including the dangerous Fer-de-Lance and Black headed Bushmaster, the beloved sea turtles, and numerous dink, foam, glass, and rain frogs. The focus is on identification, with entries for all species in the country, including scientific, English common, and Spanish common names, as well as the older names for the many species that have been recently reclassified.  READ MORE


Anfibios y reptiles de Costa Rica es la guía introductoria perfecta a la diversa herpetofauna costarricense: 418 especies entre las que se encuentran peligrosas serpientes como la terciopelo y la matabuey negra, las adoradas tortugas marinas y numerosas ranas campanilla, espumosas, de vidrio y de lluvia. La guía se enfoca en la identificación, e incluye entradas para todas las especies del país que incluyen el nombre científico, el nombre común en inglés y en español, así como los nombres antiguos de muchas especies que recientemente han sido

reclasificadas.   LEER MAS

I.S.B.N. 978-0-9798804-6-9 U.S. Retail: $20.00

The Manatee’s Big Day

Un gran dia para la Señorita Manati


By Erin Van Rheenen 

Illustrations by Maggie Olson


In the wilds of Tortuguero, a young manatee and her friends stand up to a very big shark.


En la selva de Tortuguero, una joven manati y sus amigos se enfrentan a un inmenso tiburon.



Book description

The Manatee’s Big Day is a story for young readers that takes place in the rainforests and waterways of Costa Rica. Presented in a bilingual format (English and Spanish), the action-filled adventures of the young manatee and her animal friends interweave information about the natural world, specifically the canals of Tortuguero, a picturesque town on the northern Caribbean shores of Costa Rica.





I.S.B.N. 978-0-9816028-5-1            


U.S. Retail $15.00

The Birds of Costa Rica

Second edition


By Richard Garrigues and Robert Dean


Compact, portable, and user-friendly, The Birds of Costa Rica has proven to be the essential field guide for identifying birds in the diverse habitats of Costa Rica. This second edition, with revisions throughout, features descriptions and illustrations of all 903 species found in Costa Rica. With more than 360 new illustrations, this guide covers additional plumages and in-flight views as well as 64 species not previously illustrated. These include recent additions to the country list, pelagic species, Cocos Island species, and all accidentals recorded from the Costa Rican mainland. READ MORE



ISBN: 978-0801479885

U.S. Retail: $29.95